The neoprene of the outer suit is laminated with a stretchy fabric layer to ensure protection against outside influences like UV and scratching. The inside of the inner suit is lined with a soft flexible plush fabric that is comfortable to wear on the skin.

The seams of the selkiesuit are triple glued, blindstitched and taped with soft and durable neoprene tape to seal out all water and air and keep you dry and keep the suit inflated.

The selkiesuit is based around a super minimal seam design. We’ve created ergonomic, seamless shoulder and armpit panels that allow for unresticted motion and eliminate rashing.

The selkiesuit is equipped with a high-end SI TECH in and exhaust valve. By rotating the valve cover you can increase or reduce the airpressure in one single motion. Inflating the entire suit takes just under a minute thanks to the innovative G.A.S.P. mechanism.

Both the inner and outer suit have an easy to use entry system. The sturdy waterproof zippers are covered with a neoprene panel to create an airtight seal.

The boots of the selkiesuit are supplied with short, flexible swim fins. The foot pockets are made of thermoplastic elastomer for maximum comfort. The fins give more stability to the inflated suit both on land and on water.


Every day we drink water, we breathe water, we absorb water through our skin: we are water. No wonder that humans are naturally attracted to water. Some even say that were once evolving to become aquatic beings and that we have stranded someplace in between ape and dolphin. Water is our home and therefore water is our absolute sanctuary when it comes to mental wellbeing.

If you feel like a fish out of water, like the daily grind is wearing you out and your life is an utter drag full of stress and anxiety, then look no further! It’s time to get out of your head and into your (seal) body! The selkiesuit is created to bring a breath of fresh air to your life by reconnecting you to blue nature and guiding you to that feeling of zen. Adopt the mentality of a carefree seal by stepping into its flippers and let yourself be carried by its big comfy body till all your worries drift away.

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In essence the selkiesuit is an inflatable, wearable sag bag. It consists of an outer and inner suit. Between the two sits a 30cm thick layer of air that mimics the layer of blubber under the skin of a seal. It functions as insulation while also highly increasing comfort.

The tube-shaped construction of the outer and inner suit keeps the body lifted and centred. The inner and outer suit meet only at the ankles, shoulders and the rim around the face. The face is the only part of the body that is directly exposed to the outside. A drawstring allows for a snug fit to keep cold air from entering the inner suit through the face hole.

The selkiesuit is crafted with high quality hydrophobic 5/4mm neoprene with a compressed rubber core that makes the suit air-tight. By using limestone based neoprene we can guarantee that the selkiesuit is durable and not in any way harmful to the environment like old-fashioned neoprene. We want to keep in with the real seals!

Washing instrucions: rinse with cool water and drip dry out of direct sunlight.